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Cake Smoothers for Smoother Icing

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

Everyone wants smooth bump free icing. Along with creative sugar craft it gives your cakes the wow! factor. Using cake smoother couldn't be easier and these small tools will really make a difference to the quality of your icing finish.

We supply a few different models and styles and each have their own speciality. Flat smoothers are perfect for flattening the top of your cake and by using to in both hands you can really work your icing.

Edgers smoother have neat little right angles built in so that you can literally run them around the side of your cake without worrying whether they are level or not.

Edgers also have an edge smoother that make it easy to run around the top of the cake and get those edges nice and uniform. So get polishing and see the difference!

Bellissimo flexi smoothers are designed to help you achieve sharp, clean edges on all your sugarpasted cakes.  

Bellissimo smoothers allow you to create perfectly crisp edges for a clean, polished and professional finish!

Happy Sugarpasting!!!

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